Benoît Lormeau
Benoît Lormeau
Software developer

Who I am

Hi! My name is Benoît, I'm a 23 year old french guy, and I have been passionate about programming since I was about 10. I started by learning web development but I turned out to be more of a software enthusiast. I usually spend a lot of time reading code, either open-source from GitHub or discovering new frameworks & libraries. Lately I took an interest in modern compiler designs.


Languages Strong knowledge of C/CPlusPlus and PHP
Great with common Web tech: HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript MySQL. Also Laravel & React
Scripting is also okay with either Python or Bash
Systems Went full Linux some time ago, but I always keep a Windows8 dualboot just in case.

Professional experience

Mars 2021 - Present Developer at Sewan, Rennes:
  • Python Billing codebase migration
  • PHP Freeswitch based IVR development
Sep 2020 - Feb 2021 Internship at Sewan, Rennes:
  • PHP React Legacy billing software enhancement
May - Aug 2019 Internship at Gen-IP Solutions:
  • PHP AngularJS Billing software enhancement
Jul - Dec 2017 Internship at Conserto, Information technology consulting:
  • JavaScript Cross-platform games creation (Phaser.js)
  • HTML5 PHP Website integration of Lycanthrop


TEPitech score: 920

2016 - 2021 Epitech Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
Epitech, Paris Graduate school of Digital Information
Rennes, France 🇫🇷
2019 - 2020 ITMO University, St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
St. Petersburg, Russia 🇷🇺
2013 - 2016 A-Level with specialization in Sciences
Lycée Napoléon
L'Aigle, France 🇫🇷

Personal projects

CPlusPlus Bax A toy programming language as an introduction to compiler design
Javascript Start A simple yet powerful startpage that manages bookmarks, todos and many more
CPlusPlus B My own standard library
CPlusPlus B3d 3D/2D graphics library, from scratch, with only X11
CPlusPlus G13 Logitech G13 driver for Linux
CPlusPlus SerenityOS Open-source contribution Added a GenericLexer class in the OS' standard library, used to easily and flexibly lex text data

School projects

TOD Management and optimization solutions for last mile delivery SMEs
CPlusPlus Zia HTTP Web server, configurable and modular (Epitech 3rd year project)
C MyFTP FTP server & client (Epitech 2nd year project)
C Wolf3D Remake of the 1992 Wolfenstein game (Epitech 1st year project)